Statement from The Mayor of Ullensaker Municipality


Ullensaker Municipality is a wonderful municipality that lives up to its objectives of being: accessible, attractive and energetic. Growth in new residents, jobs and future potential is enormous. The opportunities are there – ready to be developed and harvested. The opportunities lie ahead – it is up to us to seize them.

Business intensive area

Gardermoen Business Park is the most central industry site in Eastern Norway with an industry area of approximately 5,000 acres situated between Oslo Airport Gardermoen and E6, northwest of Jessheim. The distance to Oslo Airport is short, the distance to E6 is short and it is located in Norway´s growth area number 1. The potential for a differentiated business development with width, skilled jobs and long-term perspective is present. The Business Park is located in a municipality that has a clear YES-attitude and an ambition to be: accessible, attractive and energetic. It characterizes the political environment, and it is this spirit that downright characterises the municipality.

Today there are approximately 25,000 jobs within the municipal border. In the business park there is a potential to develop 30–50,000 new jobs in the coming years. A collaboration between professional property developers, a positive business industry and the YES-municipality Ullensaker will be able to develop the Business Park to the most exciting and innovative business area in Norway and Scandinavia. With the creation of the new LHL hospital and a health center under the direction of the municipality, it is an undergoing development of a competence environment that is connected to the Business Park and what is to come of opportunities, it can be “the next big thing” in Norway.

About Ullensaker Municipality

Ullensaker municipality has passed 34,000 inhabitants and is experiencing strong growth with a net migration of 1,000 new residents per year. Since since the main airport at Gardermoen opened in 1998, the municipality has received nearly 15,000 new residents. Ullensaker has a young population with many residents in their working age, and many children and adolescents. Jessheim received city status in 2012 and is the closest town to the Business Park – the distances are short and collective solutions ensure good access to the area. The offer will be further developed in the coming years. Jessheim is adopted in the common land- and transport plan for Oslo and Akershus, pointed out as one of the cities that will receive a large portion of the growth in new residents in Eastern Norway in the coming decades. We expect Ullensaker municipality to have more than 50,000 inhabitants when we arrive at 2030. A municipality has several key roles; we are a community developer, planner, executive authority and service provider. In addition to that, the municipality owns a significant amount of property. That means that we want a close collaboration with industry actors who choose to establish themselves in Ullensaker.

It is a pleasure for me as the mayor of the most beautiful, best and most attractive municipality to greet you new business developers welcome to Ullensaker. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we have great ambitions for the future. Join us on this journey in building the industry hub further into the future.


Best wishes,

Tom Staahle

Mayor of Ullensaker Municipality

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