Regional plan for land use and transport in Oslo and Akershus was adopted in Oslo Municipality and Akershus County Municipality in December 2015.

Regional plan for areal og transport i Oslo Akershus (2015)

The plan is a direct continuation of the Norwegian Parliament’s resolution (Proposition number 10, 2008/2009) in which Oslo and Akershus is imposed to create a plan for a directional change in the metropolitan region to achieve the objectives of a more competitive and sustainable region, as well as national objectives on climate and transport.

The Norwegian Government is thus also obliged to follow-up, along with the Oslo Municipality, Akershus County Municipality and the 22 municipalities in Akershus. The plan runs towards 2030 with a perspective to 2050. In the Oslo region it will be an emphasis on city development with greater concentration on principles for multicore development of vibrant cities with good living quality situated around Oslo city with good public transport solutions. Regional cities should take a high proportion (80–90%) of the housing and workplace growth and get a stronger role in the region.

Jessheim is highlighted as a regional city with high growth where it will be facilitated for increased city- and business development in line with increased activity at the airport. Already today, Upper Romerike has a lot of commuting across the Gardermoen area. This development is desirable to build on in a way where increased commuting becomes public transport based. The collective axis between Jessheim and Oslo Airport Gardermoen via Gardermoen Business Park will be strengthened, and workplace intensive businesses must be located close to this axis.