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The concept


slo Airport City will complement, reinforce and create synergies between the value adding establishments that already exist in the area, and be the driving force and engine to build a new city directly connected to OSL – Norway’s largest and Scandinavia’s second largest airport.
The concept Airport Cities/Aerotropolis has attracted considerable interest in recent years. Demand for airport-close localisation increases globally. Airports are transforming from being the primary infrastructure for air transport to multifunctional conglomerates that generate a strong commercial development on both the micro and macro level. Airports are no longer built around the main cities, now the cities are built around the airports, and the development internationally is happening faster than ever.

« Look for yesterday’s busiest train terminals, and you will find today’s great urban centers. Look for today’s busiest airports, and you will find the great urban centers of tomorrow. »

– Dr. John D. Kasarda Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

How Airport Cities occur

Airport cities are today’s economic and commercial magnets, as well as regional “growth drivers” for infrastructure and city development in many mile radius. The areas around the airports now attract businesses from all parts of the business sectors, as well as a wide and diverse range of services.

Globalisation leads to a growing need for close proximity to the top-modern transport connections – locally, nationally and internationally.

1. Forbedrede transportforbindelser


Improve transport connections

2. Økt konsumentetterspørsel hos reisende


Increased consumer demand in travelers

3. Øke inntektspotensialet til lufthavnene


Increase revenue potential for airports

4. Mulighet for etablering av næringseiendom


Possibility of establishing commercial property