Oslo Airport City AS and its subsidiaries is one of the largest property developers in Norway focusing on Gardermoen commercial park (Gardermoen Næringspark) adjacent to Oslo Airport and the town of Jessheim, just 45 km from downtown Oslo.

The location near the existing national rail and roadway networks makes the region perhaps the biggest and most important communication and transportation hub in the country. An ideal starting point for a sustainable urban development which looks to the future, and creates employment in all types of industries. Its subsidiaries own a total of 1 100 000 m2 of the Gardermoen Næringspark in the Municipality of Ullensaker, which according to the current zoning plan, can be expanded by approx. 1 000 000 m2 within a wide range of commercial real estate uses.

Our vision

The OAC strategy embodies the dream of our management team and the board of directors to create a master plan for long-term, sustainable and economically viable property development that will benefit thousands of skilled workers, local businesses – as well as creating nearby amenities and recreational areas for the general public. The master plan will develop further in cooperation with the architects at Nordic and Haptic and form the basis for detailed zoning work for the key plots at Gardermoen Næringspark: the so-called Central Zone, approx. 350 00 m2 of floor space.

We are working actively to plan and design other services in the area such as a hotel, conference and convention center/expo/multi-use arena, offices, logistics, transport/cargo/freight forwarding, industrial areas, trade, car showrooms/dealers, service, teaching and activity and recreational facilities.

The company's management team was hired to do this work until 1 July 2019. As from 01.07.2019 the company has four full-time employees. The board of directors consists of eight men and one woman.

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