On track to become a national hub for the automotive industry

With its new electric vehicle centre at Gardermoen, Porsche is the first in what could potentially become a new focal point for the entire automotive industry in Norway.

This is the vision that Jon Tallberg, Marketing Director at Oslo Airport City (OAC), envisions. He foresees numerous synergies arising from co-locating within an easily accessible transit-oriented development.

"We believe that the entire automotive industry will eventually recognise the benefits of having a national sales point and vehicle delivery location in close proximity to the main airport at Gardermoen, alongside various suppliers. Customers from all over the country will have the opportunity to fly in and immediately explore a diverse range of models and equipment in one convenient location," says Tallberg.

Porsche Zentrum AS has taken the pioneering step by signing a lease agreement with OAC and started the construction of its new electric vehicle centre in June 2021. The building is set for completion by summer 2022, marking Porsche's latest endeavour in the electric vehicle market.

Tallberg holds high expectations for the automotive industry's role in OAC's development.

"We believe that this industry will play an important role in realising the airport city," says Tallberg.