Porsche’s new home in Oslo Airport City

Oslo Airport City proudly announces the completion of our very first building in the new airport city near Gardermoen. We welcome Porsche!

Achieving the significant milestone of having our first tenant move in is an event we’ve eagerly awaited, and it’s particularly gratifying that everything has unfolded exactly as planned.

Much credit goes to our remarkable contractor, Vedal, whose exceptional work has ensured that Porsche now occupies a building characterised by precision and quality. This achievement is especially impressive considering the unpredictability in the market caused by both Covid-19 and the conflict in Ukraine.

Porsche has repeatedly expressed its satisfaction with the process, and it is with great joy that we welcome the company as the first tenant in Oslo Airport City. Porsche marks just the beginning of what will become a new and urban ’car city’ within Oslo Airport City. We anticipate that several other producers in the industry will soon follow in Porsche’s footsteps.

"Several other brands will soon follow suit. Our ability to accommodate the transition from fossil fuel to electric cars is key. These buildings are designed to cater to the needs of new customers who are in the market for electric vehicles and to those working in sales, service, and maintenance of electric cars," says Jon Tallberg, Marketing Director at Oslo Airport City.

For the new buildings, innovative solutions are being developed that will make use of multiple floors for car-related businesses.

"This approach allows us to create compact, urban spaces where multiple providers coexist within a single urban area. These buildings are constructed using the latest methods of energy recovery," Tallberg emphasises.